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Bugaboo Bee6 vs. Dragonfly Stroller

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When it comes to choosing a baby stroller, finding the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and convenience is key. Many parents love Bugaboo’s high-quality strollers for these exact reasons! However, as the company produces multiple models, it can be confusing to know which one best suits you and your family’s needs. For clarity, we have a breakdown of the specifics of each stroller here. 

The newest Bugaboo stroller on the block is the Dragonfly Complete Compact Stroller, which is set the replace the Bee6 Complete Stroller. 

So, you may be wondering what exactly are the differences between these two strollers. While they share some similarities, they also offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different preferences and needs.  

From their specifications and performance to folding mechanisms, accessories, and so much more, we'll dissect these strollers to help you make an informed decision. Should you go for the Dragonfly or grab the Bee6 while you still can? 

The Specs  


  • Suitable for use from birth (with pram) or 6 months (with seat) up to 50 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 35.4" L x 21" W x13.7” H  
  • Folded Dimensions: 35.4" L x 18.3" W x13.7” H  
  • Stroller Weight: 20.7 lbs.  


  • Suitable for use from birth (with pram) or 6 months (with seat) up to 50 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 41.73” L x 20.47” W x 40.94” H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 14.17” L x 20.47” W x 32” (pram) / 35.43” H (seat) 
  • Stroller Weight: 17.4 lbs. (with seat), 22.9 lbs. (with pram) 

At a quick glance, both strollers have similar specs. However, the Bee 6 is a physically smaller stroller, yet it also weighs more than the Dragonfly. 

Parallel Performance

Let’s take a look at all the similar features these strollers share: 

For Use From Birth: 
Both strollers can be used from birth when you add the Bee6 Pram or the Dragonfly Pram. The included seats are for use starting at the age of 6 months. 

Travel System Compatible: 
Parents can turn either stroller into a travel system by attaching an infant car seat to their frame. They can be used with most car seats as long as you have the proper adapters.  

Both strollers fold down to a compact size, making them easier to move in and out of your vehicle or store out of sight. One thing to consider though, is that both the Bee6 and Dragonfly do not fold down to travel stroller size for overhead bin storage on airplanes. 

Smooth Ride: 
The Bee6 and Dragonfly both have suspension systems to ensure a smooth ride for your little one wherever you take them! 

A similar 5-point harness is included on each stroller seat, although the Dragonfly’s is slightly more padded to ensure your little one is extra comfy.

Bugaboo makes sure you have multiple reclining positions on each stroller to maximize your child’s comfort level when you’re out and about. 

Bumper Bar: 
A bumper bar sits in front of your little to give them something to hold onto and also protect them from injury. 

Vegan Leather Wraps: 
Both the handlebars and bumper bars are wrapped in vegan leather for extra comfort, a touch of class, and a better grip for parents when pushing the stroller. 

Both options also offer a generous-sized UPF 50 canopy with a mesh extension panel for more protection while keeping air circulating. 

Both strollers have machine-washable fabrics so your Bee6 or Dragonfly looks clean and fresh at all times (despite baby’s best efforts). 


Bugaboo makes several add-ons for their strollers: 

Contrasting Capabilities

While these strollers share many similarities, they also have several important differences.  

Both have one-handed folding capabilities, but the Dragonfly is much simpler to collapse than the Bee6. Once folded, they can both be wheeled like luggage or picked up via their carrying grip, however, the Dragonfly also includes a carrying strap to make lugging it around even easier. Additionally, the Dragonfly can also fold with either the seat or pram attached, but the Bee6 can’t fold with its pram attached. 

Adjustable Handlebar: 
The Bee6 has a starting height of 36 inches and extends to 43 inches, while the Dragonfly starts at 39 inches and only extends to 41 inches high. 

Under Seat Basket: 
The Bee6 has a weight capacity of 8.8 lbs. and can be accessed from either the front or the back of the stroller. The Dragonfly basket is larger and holds much more at 22 lbs. It also comes with an extendable pocket that can be placed in the front or back of the basket — or even attached to the handlebar! Additionally, parents get 360-degree access to the basket on the Dragonfly. 

While both strollers have puncture-proof wheels, the Bee6 uses four, 7-inch wheels, while the Dragonfly uses 7-inch wheels in the front and 8.5 inch wheels in the back for added stability on tough terrain. 

Seat Weight Capacity: 
Both strollers can hold up to 50 lbs. safely, but the seat on the Bee6 can only hold 39 lbs., whereas the Dragonfly can hold 48 lbs. 

Leg Rest: 
The Dragonfly comes with an adjustable leg rest, and the Bee6 does not. 

Both stroller seats come with a secure 5-point harness for easy in and out access, but the Dragonfly’s is slightly more padded and comfortable. 

Side Panels: 
The Dragonfly includes side panels on its seat to keep your child in place and provide extra protection while out and about. 

Bugaboo for Your Little Boo

Which Bugaboo will it be? 
The Bee6 and Dragonfly strollers offer exceptional functionality and comfort for you and your little one. While they share parallel performance with things like suspension systems, versatile reclining options, vegan leather wraps, and UPF 50 canopies, they also differ in their folding mechanisms, handlebar adjustability, storage capacity, and wheel design.  

Ultimately, your choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. Whether you prefer a compact stroller with a smaller fold, a larger under-seat basket, or an adjustable leg rest, Bugaboo's Bee6 or Dragonfly is sure to meet your requirements while you shuttle your little wonder around town!