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Veer Cruiser City Wagon Review

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Wagons have always held a special place in the hearts of kids. There's something undeniably fun about piling in with siblings and embarking on little adventures around every corner. For parents, the ability to keep multiple children together and content is nothing short of a miracle! 

Veer, a brand already celebrated for its all-terrain Cruiser, understands this magic well.  

Known for blending fun and functionality, they’ve now tailored this experience for urban families with their new Cruiser City 2-Seater Wagon! A delightful option for city dwellers, it’s a rolling bundle of joy, designed to navigate lively streets and bring the fun of a traditional wagon into the heart of the city.  

So, buckle up your little ones and get ready to turn every sidewalk into a new adventure as we explore what makes this 4-wheeled wonder tick! 


All-Terrain Cruiser Wagon



All-Terrain Cruiser XL Wagon



Cruiser City 2 Seater Wagon



Cruiser City XL 4 Seater Wagon


Design & Build 


  • Suitable from birth (with infant car seat or Nap System) to a maximum height of 45” 
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 55 lbs. per seat
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
    Wagon Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 23″ H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 14″ H (9” H with wheels removed) 
  • Wagon Weight: 32.6 lbs. 

The Cruiser City boasts a sleek, modern design that makes it stand out in any urban environment. Constructed from high-strength aluminum and robust sidewalls, it's built for durability and resilience amidst the hustle of city life. This wagon isn't just super practical — it’s an eye-catching baby ride that turns heads everywhere you go! 

Unique to the Cruiser City is its innovative combination of stroller and wagon features. Unlike a typical wagon, it comes with swivel wheels, offering maneuverability and push steering akin to a traditional stroller! This design element enhances its versatility, making it ideal for navigating tight sidewalks and paths. With seating for two, the Cruiser City is perfect for families who enjoy urban adventures with a versatile companion. 

Safety First 

When it comes to our children, safety is always the top priority, and the Cruiser City brings peace of mind to every outing.  

Designed thoughtfully for families, each seat is equipped with a secure 3-point harness, ensuring your precious cargo stays safely in place at all times. The Performance Handle Grip adds an extra layer of control and comfort for mom or dad when maneuvering the wagon, making it easier to navigate through crowded parks or city streets.  

Additionally, the one-touch foot brake is an invaluable addition, providing quick and reliable stopping power at a moment's notice. Parents will also be pleased to know that the Cruiser City doesn’t just meet, but often exceeds ASTM & SOR safety standards and proudly holds JPMA Certification! 

Convenient Comfort 

This wagon isn’t just safe; it’s designed with an array of features that make it a comfortable and convenient choice for parents and kids alike:

All-Terrain Performance: Equipped with large, rugged, knobby polyurethane foam tires and front suspension, this wagon is ready for any adventure. Whether it’s a smooth city sidewalk or a bumpy park trail, the Cruiser City ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones. 

Compact Fold: Storage and transport are a breeze with the wagon’s compact fold feature. The easy-to-remove wheels make it even more convenient to reduce the wagon to a small size, fitting into your car or storage space effortlessly. 

Versatile Steering: Enjoy the best of both worlds with traditional stroller push steering, which includes an adjustable handle height for your comfort, and a wagon pull mode that’s ideal for uneven and soft terrain. 

Super Seating: An expandable footwell adjusts for growing legs, while contoured and vented seats provide a comfortable ride, ensuring your kids can enjoy the journey. 

No Mess: Life with kids can get messy, but cleanup is easy with the Cruiser City. Its water-and-stain-resistant fabric sidewalls can be cleaned with a simple hose down, making maintenance a hassle-free task. 


Shearling Seat Cover



Cruiser Nap System



Visor for Retractable Canopy - Grey


Accessories & Add-Ons 

Veer allows you to enhance this ride with a range of thoughtfully designed accessories and add-ons.  

With the inclusion of two cup holders and a snack tray, the basics are well-covered, but for added comfort, you can start with the Shearling Seat Cover. Great for outings on cool days, this cover offers a soft, cozy layer to keep your babies warm. 

Protection and comfort continue with the Retractable Canopy, which not only shields your little ones from the elements, but also has a peek-a-boo window for easy supervision. You can add two of these canopies and pair them with the Nap System, which transforms the wagon into a JPMA safety-certified bassinet, ideal for naps or diaper changes!  

For those looking to venture out in all types of weather, the All Weather Cover ensures your children stay warm and dry, while the Bug Shield keeps pesky insects at bay, attaching seamlessly to the canopy. A Misting Fan offers a refreshing breeze, while Veer’s Sidewall Kit allows you to personalize your Cruiser City colours for an eye-popping ride! 

Finally, for the tiniest adventurers, the Cruiser is travel system compatible, allowing the addition of a car seat with the right adapter 


Cruiser All Weather Cover



Cruiser Bug Shield



Cruiser Misting Fan



XL Upgrade 

For families that require more room, Veer offers the Cruiser City XL 4-Seater Wagon, echoing the quality and design of its 2-seater counterpart.  

This larger model comfortably accommodates four children, making it an ideal choice for growing families or group outings. While it mirrors the features of the 2-seater version, the XL's expanded size results in a physically heavier and more expensive wagon. 


  • Weight Capacity Passenger Capacity: 55 lbs per seat x 4 seats 
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 lbs 
  • Dimensions Open: 37” L x 24” W x 23” H 
  • Dimensions Folded: 37” L x 24” W x 14” H 
  • Dimension Folded (wheels removed): 37” L x 24” W x 9” H 
  • Weight 36.7 lbs

Veer also offers a similar range of accessories for the XL: 


Cruiser XL Bug Shield



Nap System For Cruiser XL



Cruiser XL Comfort Seat for Toddlers


Versatile Veer 

The Cruiser City 2 Seater Wagon by Veer is so much more than just a wagon; it's the ultimate urban companion for families.  

Effortlessly adapting from bustling markets and peaceful park days to navigating crowded city streets, it's quite simply a dream to handle. The compact yet robust design allows for easy maneuvering in tight spots, and those sturdy wheels mean every terrain feels like a smooth path. 

With a blending of safety, fun, and convenience, every trip with the Cruiser City turns into a treasured memory for you and your children!