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10 Gift Ideas For Monochromatic Lovers

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If you have minimalist tendencies and are drawn to the classic and sleek look of all things B&W then you’ve come to right place; our monochromatic gift guide – perfect for your baby registry, or picking something useful out for your BFF.

Finding the perfect gift isn't always black and white but in this case, it is! Read on for top 10 gift ideas for the monochromatic mama – 101 Dalmatians not included.

Boon Grass Drying Rack

The BOON Grass Drying Rack in White and Grey are like pieces of modern art that live on your kitchen counter. We also love the Twig Drying Rack because what's better than stylish functionality?

Over Cover

The OVer Company is known for their monochromatic prints that are designed with modern parents in mind. Throw together the ultimate gift basket by pairing one of their gorgeous car seat covers with a matching Nodo Gown, Knot Hat, or Swaddle.

There are tons of colours and patterns to choose from!

Twig Drying Rack


the OVer company

OVer Multi-Use Covers


Nodo Knot Hats



Jellycat Stuffies

Jellycat has some of the cutest stuffies—from adorable pastel bunnies, to this huggable Willow Owl! They are super soft, which baby will love, while pairing perfectly with minimal nursery décor.

BIBS Pacifier

BIBS pacifiers allows your child to self-soothe just like he would on mom's breast. 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. We also love that they come in perfectly pre-paired 2 packs for convenience and style.

You'll love all of the cute colours but the monochromatic mama will goo-goo over the black

Discover BIBS wide range of products in our round-up article.
De Lux Silicone Natural Pacifier - 2 Pack

Bundle & Save!


Perry Polar Bear



Willow Owl



Minimalist Diaper Backpack

These diaper backpacks are far from basic black.

The ISLA diaper bag from Matt & Nat is a generous size with plenty of exterior pockets for easy access to your essentials. The versatility you'll need when you're out and about with your baby. We also love the Urban Diaper Backpack by Stonz Wear Inc. for its minimal tones and maximum storage!


Swaddle wraps are so versatile – you can use them as a blanket, a nursing cover, a portable crib sheet, a change mat, a stroller cover, and more!

For lovers of monochromatic design, we LOVE everything Wee Gallery (which we get into more later)! These Organic Muslin Swaddles are hand illustrated with sensory engaging high contrast patterns. They're also made of super soft, organic muslin cotton.

Lulujo also carries the silkiest Bamboo Swaddles in a variety of monochromatic patterns that babies and parents love – P.S, they're also Canadian!
ISLA Diaper Backpack - Oam Collection


Matt & Nat

ISLA Diaper Backpack - Oam Collection

From Sale Price: $150.88

Stonz Wear Inc

Urban Diaper Backpack


Wee Gallery

Organic Muslin Swaddle


Bamboo Swaddle



High Contrast Sheets

Talk about picture perfect!

These cute sheets by Kushies come in both Bassinet, and Crib size to make the perfect match for a modern nursery. Ethically made in Canada, you can feel good about these high quality and soft 100% cotton sheets.

Malarkey Kids Chew Cube

A mom-created rattle and teether with four-way sensory stimulation, this Chew Cube by Malarkey Kids helps aid in achieving baby's milestones.

Bonus: it boasts an interior black and white patterned rattle with mirrors to provide stimulation for baby's ears and eyes!

Skip Hop PlaySpot Geo Foam Floor Tiles

Stylish baby-safe flooring!

The Skip Hop PlaySpot Playmat Tiles are specially designed to complement your home’s décor, while keeping your child comfortable and happy.
Chew Cube

Bundle & Save!


Wee Gallery Sensory Toys

Hand drawn illustrations, sustainable materials and production are at the base of all Wee Gallery sensory toys & nursery decor.

From aiding in visual development with high contrast black + white art cards to fine motor skills with Sensory Clutch Balls, your little one will learn as they play – which we are a huge fan of.
Wee Gallery

Activity Pad

From $57.99


What Do You Think?

So, are you loving minimalistic and monochromatic baby gear as much as we are? The best part is that monochromatic shades often lead to high contrast and, as we learnt in this article, stimulate baby and encourage learning! 

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