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BOB Alterrain Pro vs. Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller

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As a busy parent we know you are almost always running. 

The chaos starts in the morning when your feet hit the ground and you don’t stop until you tuck your little ones in at night. So, we thought we would help take one thing off your plate with this comparison article to help you choose the best running stroller for your lifestyle. If you’ve decided to take up the sport of running or just need a stroller to keep up with your active lifestyle, we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting so all you have to do is lace up and GO!

Today we are comparing the Thule Urban Glide 2 and the BOB Alterrain Pro. Both are all-terrain strollers with air-filled wheels and lots of great features. Ready, set, let’s go!  

Let’s start at the top of the stroller and work our way down. This way you will be able to easily compare the features of each stroller and then choose which one is more appealing to you. 


BOB: ergonomic 9-position handlebar  
Thule: ergonomic 5-position handlebar   

Running while pushing a stroller definitely takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to swinging both arms close to the body with a 90-degree angle. Pushing a stroller on your run will be a new sensation AND a great arm workout. 

We also noted that the BOB handlebar is thicker than the Thule handlebar, which might not make a difference to some, and some might find it more comfortable.



BOB: bicycle hand brake
Thule: twist hand brake   

Both strollers have an easy to access parking brake located at the bottom of the stroller. An additional hand brake is a must have to allow the runner full control when taking a stroll downhill. Both strollers allow for the runner to have full control of the speed at which you descend on hilly terrain, but one uses a twist brake and the other a bicycle style.  

The BOB Alterrain Pro uses a bicycle style hand brake located on the right side of the handlebar– pinch it with your hand and you have full control. The Thule Urban Glide has a twist hand brake which was an update made to the Urban Glide 2 back in 2018. The twist brake is easily accessible in the middle of the handlebar and is convenient for runners who are right OR left-handed.   

Each stroller also comes with a convenient wrist strap for extra safety. 


BOB: air-filled tires + 12” swivel locking front wheel with 16" rear wheels
Thule: air filled tires + 12” swivel locking front wheel with 16” rear wheels   

Both the BOB and the Thule have air-filled 16” rear tires and a locking 12” front swivel wheel.

They also have reflective rims. The swivel front wheel is great if you are on flat terrain—but on anything other than sidewalk and especially when you begin to speed up, we recommend locking that front wheel. Failure to lock the front wheel will cause the stroller to shake in a very weird way—and that’s because it was designed to be locked for running. Just like a bike with air-filled tires, don’t forget to pump-up your wheels once in a while!


BOB: plastic peekaboo window with silent magnetic closure UPF 50+ & separate mesh window
Thule: plastic peekaboo window with silent magnetic closure UPF 50+ & pop out sunshade   

Both canopies have multi-position coverage and offer UPF 50+ protection which is great for keeping your little passenger protected on warm summer days. Both use the “fold & tuck” storage for exposing the peek-a-boo windows but the overall look and design is slightly different.  

The peekaboo window on the BOB offers an additional mesh peekaboo panel for those back and forth conversations with your little one about the birds they see or trucks that pass you by.  

The Thule has an additional pop-put sun visor and can be zipped opened to allow for an extra few inches of coverage. This is a great feature if you happen to lull your little passenger to sleep as you can create a nice little cozy and dark cocoon. 

Speaking of a sleeping baby lets talk about the recline and the seat.


BOB: one-hand recline + ventilated seat

  • Seating Area Height: 50.8 cm
  • Seat Area Width: 36.8 cm  

Thule: one-handed recline + ventilated seat  

  • Seating Area Height: 53 cm
  • Seat Area Width: 31.5 cm  

Both strollers offer a convenient one-handed recline and a 5-point harness with padding to allow your rider to stay comfortable on a short walk around the block or even on a Saturday morning long marathon training run. The Thule has nice mesh padding surrounding the harness and a padded mesh crotch buckle cover, where the BOB has the padding it is not mesh, although it is slightly thicker for comfort. The BOB has a slightly wider seat than the Thule - but both can accommodate a very large rider - we will talk about the weight limitations below.  

Let’s talk about seat angles first, shall we?

Both strollers can be adjusted to a near flat angle, but the BOB does allow an upright option that can be used for walking. Obviously a slight recline when running is required for aerodynamics and is a more natural position to take on bumps and action. The Thule does not have a full upright position, and has a slight recline even at the highest angle possible. 

Weight Limits

BOB: 75 lbs
Thule: 75 lbs

If you’ve shopped around for strollers, you will know that 75 lbs is an impressive weight limit. Chances are your little one will opt to run with you before they even outgrow the stroller.  

Both strollers have the same 75 lbs weight limit which means you can bring your little one/big one along for the ride until grade school – and possibly beyond!  


BOB: water resistant cargo basket that zips all the way around  
Thule: water resistant cargo basket that zips on the sides and velcros at the front 

Protect your keys, wallet, water, and phone from the elements with a water-resistant zip-top cargo basket found on both strollers. It’s great for storing snacks – or a literal run to the grocery store for a last-minute ingredient for dinner.

Extra Storage

BOB: storage pockets 2 in-seat, 2 seat-back, 1 zipper phone pocket at handlebar
Thule: storage pockets: 2-in-seat, 1 pocket on seat back, 1 zipper phone pocket on basket  

It’s all in the details, right?

While we love an excuse to pause your 5K run for a water break “for the kids”,  both strollers have interior mesh pockets inside of the seat for your little one to store their sippy cup, toys, or a fistful of dandelions.

The Fold

BOB folded dimensions:

  • Length / Depth: 99.7 cm
  • Width: 64.8 cm
  • Height: 40.6 cm 

Thule folded dimensions:  

  • Length / Depth: 86.9 cm
  • Width: 68.6 cm
  • Height: 34 cm   

Gone are the days of the tough to figure out stroller fold.  

On both models simply lift up the calf rest fabric to reveal a twistable bar to close your stroller once you’ve captured those kilometres.   

On the Thule, you are looking for the handle — you pull to the side, then up. The Thule does not self-stand, which isn't ideal for storing in a tight garage, but it's slightly smaller than the BOB which is great for trunk space!

On the BOB you’ll find a yellow button to press with your thumb before pulling up to close. The BOB self-stands, which is great news for storing in a front hall closet or along the side of your garage.

Did we mention both are one-handed folds?

Stroller Weight

BOB: 32.3 lbs  
Thule: 25 lbs.   

Here is where we start to see some difference between these two strollers.  

The BOB Alterrain Pro weighs just over 7 lbs more than the Thule Urban Glide 2.

If you are taking your stroller in and out of the truck of your SUV to hit a rugged trail this is something you may want to take note of.  However, once you’ve got a 50 lbs child inside, the 7 lbs doesn’t make a huge difference.  Speaking of which... This is approximately how much room you can expect a running stroller to take up in the back of a mid-size SUV.

You probably already know that runner’s high is contagious—so what’s better than bringing your little one along for the ride, teaching them about the importance of moving your body, and introducing them to something that you are passionate about?

Happy Running!

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*Important to remind you that we’ve compared the Urban Glide 2 to the BOB Alterrrain Pro.  

Q & A

What is the difference between the BOB Alterrain Pro and the Alterrain basic model?

BOB does offer a base model with fewer features. The Alterrain Pro includes the handbrake, zippered basket, reflective rims for added visibility, peekaboo window with ventilation, and 100% waterproof fabrics that the basic model does not.  

Is the BOB Alterrain Pro compatible with infant car seats?

Yes, you can pair the BOB Alterrain Pro stroller with select infant car seats with the purchase of an adapter [sold separately]. You can use the stroller without an infant car seat starting from 8 weeks, riding in the stroller seat but only for walking. You will have to wait until your child is 8 months to go jogging/off-road.
Compatible car seats include:
  • Britax 
  • Chicco
  • Peg Perego

Is the Thule Urban Glide 2 compatible with infant car seats?

Yes! Once again, it is not recommended to run with a child less than 8 months or an infant car seat attached to the stroller. The Thule Urban Glide 2 is compatible with the following infant car seats using these adapters. (please note: these adapters can also be used on the Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller):

Is the Alterrain Pro available in a double stroller?

No, as of right now the Alterrain Pro is available only in a single stroller. If you're looking for a BOB double, check out the Duallie Revolution Flex 3.0!

Single Stroller Adapter - Chicco



Single Stroller Adapter - Peg Perego



Urban Glide Adapter - Maxi-Cosi


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