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UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat Review

Jessica Dutton | | Comments 0

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The UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat that’s been in high demand for years now is officially available at Snuggle Bugz! UPPAbaby is a name that you have grown to know and love since finding out that you were expecting a little bean, and now they’ve got a product for every stage of your child’s development.

If you’re still waiting for your baby to arrive, you’ll want to head over and check out the below product reviews and come back here in about a year – this convertible car seat can’t be used until baby is 14 lbs!

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Time to break down the Knox:

When Can It Be Used?


Weight: 14–40 lbs (rear-facing with included fit inlay 14–25 lbs)


Weight: 25–65 lbs | Height: up to 49”


23.8” L x 18.8” W x 27.4 – 32.5” H

(height of headrest in lowest and highest positions)

The Features We Love:

  • 8-position, no re-thread harness to adjust with your child on the fly as they grow
  • A SMARTSecure ® system with tightness indicators that will turn from red to green when you have a tight enough install in your vehicle
  • Side Impact Protection throughout the shell and in the EPP foam headrest
  • Bead level indicators to confirm your seat is at the correct angle for your child’s age/stage/development
  • 4 position adjustable recline built into the base
  • A multi-directional tether for use in rear and forward-facing modes 
  • The use of Koroyd technology to create an innovative crumple zone in the base of the seat

A few of the terms used above might be brand new to you [what is a multi-directional tether? Koroyd? Huh?] That’s what we’re here for.

Let’s start with the multi-directional tether. This tether is HIGHLY recommended for use in rear-facing mode and mandatory for use in forward-facing mode. All forward-facing, harnessed child restraints in Canada MUST be used with their top tether, so when forward-facing this is nothing new. When used rear-facing however, this is a fairly new concept in North America. The use of the rear-facing tether reduces rotation of the convertible car seat, much like an anti-rebound bar or load leg would do, without making the seat more cumbersome or adding extra cost.

Moving onto Koroyd. In fancy terms, Koroyd is “an advanced energy absorber which is made up of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes that are thermally welded together to create a fully engineered core.” Basically, Koroyd was developed from aerospace safety research and is being used for protection in action sports! You’ll find Koroyd in high-performance sporting goods protection equipment like bike and ski helmets. UPPAbaby partnered with Koroyd to bring that same energy absorbing effect to the base of the Knox convertible car seat. On impact, the tubes crumple and absorb the crash forces in a controlled manner, which in turn, minimizes the energy that is transferred to the child – Hooray!

Something else that UPPAbaby has done differently from the rest of the market with their convertible car seat is how to properly fit your child in the seat. In all other car seats in Canada currently on the market, you want the straps to come from at or below the child’s shoulders when rear-facing, and at or above the child’s shoulders when forward-facing. With the Knox, you want the headrest to be positioned at the child’s shoulders in rear or forward-facing modes. It is acceptable for the headrest to lightly touch the child’s shoulders or have a fingertip of space between the child’s shoulders and the headrest. The headrest and the shoulder strap positioning adjust together into the 8 no re-thread positions.


Can you wash the Knox seat fabrics?

  • Yes, the seat base fabric zips off and can be washed on a gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. You’ll want to spot clean the rest of the seat [the base is where the big messes happen, which is why it is so easy to zip off!]

Is the Knox free of fire-retardant chemicals?

  • The Knox in Jordan is a Merino Wool blend and passes federal fire safety testing without the use of chemical flame retardants and without brominated and chlorinated chemicals.

Can I use this car seat from birth?

  • No, this car seat is designed to be used after your child has outgrown an infant car seat [like the Mesa]. It can be used rear-facing starting at 14 lbs.

P.S. We know you’ll love the fact that it comes with an included cup holder to keep drinks, snacks and “secret treasures” nearby!

Want to confirm that the Knox will fit in your vehicle before you buy? Head on into any Snuggle Bugz location to try before you buy with our dry-fit program!